Bring your art & collectibles photography in-house 

Currently, digital photos are helping to advertise artworks and antiques. They can be used not only for marketing purposes, but also for internal documents and communications. In addition, antiquities may be unique, rare, sometimes fragile objects. Transfers to and from external providers put their integrity and conservation to the test. Such logistical constraints generate additional costs in terms of transport, labor, insurance, and intractable processing times. Acquiring an in-house photo studio for the creation of artwork visuals is the perfect way to cut costs and deal with these challenges. 

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Interactive visuals to preserve your original artworks

Capture professional photos of your arts and antiques to use in your ecommerce websites, catalogues, or social media. Our photo studios, together with a powerful software syncs up with your workflow to automate the entire visual production. They allow you to create standard photos, multi angles views, interactive 360° animations, as well as animations in hemispherical and spherical formats. Increase your productivity: save any and every single setting performed on PackshotCreator software and reuse them over time. Besides saving settings, you have the possibility to memorize proportions, margins and positions of all your antiques and artifacts. As a result, you obtain a visual production that is completed homogeneous.   

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Essential features & its benefits for artwork photography 
  • Reveal every single detail of collectable works by providing customers with 100% precise images. The automatic Hyperfocus feature will take multiple pictures of you art objects, painting or antiquates on different focus levels and then combine these photos to produce a photo completely sharp. 


  •  Save your time and increase productivity: shoot multiple items together in the same photo studio. After, use the Multi Product Capture feature to automatically crop and create individual photos of each object photographed. Then, save your files in multiple formats simultaneously with just one click.   


  •  Create 360° animations of your precious pieces in the fastest way with Video Sampling. This feature lets you record a video of your product and then extract the images you desire to create the animation. 


  • Select several visuals you wish to edit. Then make adjustments once and apply them to all the images at the same time. This multiple editing can be done straight from PackshotCreator software’s interface. You no longer need to send your visuals to a third party program.

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Check out what one of our users have to say

 “Each photo is then entered, slightly edited, and resized using integrated editing tools. Everything is done in a few clicks. After the shooting, the photographed lots can then be immediately returned to the safe. The advantage of a home studio is undeniable. LAC Paris was quickly able to place lots online, with three to four thematic auctions per month.”

- Verginie Pillon, associate at LAC Paris


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