Boost shoppers experience with PackshotCreator products photo solutions

Each detail of your products is a mark of quality manufacturing. Highlight the quality of your beauty products and cosmetics and show their unique characteristics with PackshotCreator photo studios. Whether it is fragrances, makeups, and body or hair care products: create professional still and multiple angles, as well as interactive 360° and 3D animations and guarantee their spot in the shopping carts.


Photos and animations for beauty products 
Our photo studios work together with a powerful software to automate and make product photography an easy, simple and intuitive process. They were especially designed to decrease the need of editing and increase productivity. Simply place, preview and create. 


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Important features & benefits for photographing beauty products
  • The adjustable 100% LED lighting in our studios ensures high-fidelity rendering of colors, textures and pigmentation for all your products. It works with all kinds of beauty and cosmetic lines: creams, lipsticks, blushes, eyeshadows, and more. Photograph your beauty products on pure white or transparent backgrounds.


  • Our background removal features such as AutoPNG, AutoBKG, and AutoMask, allow you to remove automatically the background of your product photos. They were smartly designed to immediately detect the contours of the most complex products: white, transparent and reflective. 


  • Your cosmetics and beauty inventory in different angles. Use the Custom Define feature to define the desire angles in advance and booster your workflow. 


  • Multi Product Capture: photograph simultaneously your entire collection of lipstick or makeup. Then, obtain automatically a separate picture of each item placed on the studio. You not only increase productivity but you save a great amount of time.

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Ease of use with PackshotCreator: A testimonial by L’Oréal and Franck Provost  

Multi-brand cosmetics websites and departments in charge of internal databases regularly need to create and upload images of hundreds of items. To illustrate its research and development work, in 2013 the L’Oréal group acquired special equipment to create photos and 360° animations:

“The goal was to create an image bank of our innovations for internal use. While we did not have any doubts about the machine’s ability to show details and colors, we were still concerned that we might not have the skills to use it. There were no seasoned photographers among the scientists in our team. So we didn’t hesitate to go for team training that allowed us to be fully operational within two hours.”

- Arnaud Bonnamy, RA chemist, l’Oréal


“On average, we have two-to-three collections per year, not counting last-minute assignments and high-end collections like Fabio Salsa or Start Academy. All these product lines are very expensive to shoot in terms of annual costs. We have tried to do this in-house several times but the results were unsatisfactory because none of us are photographers”.

- Corinne Weppe, marketing manager Frank Provost


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