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In an ultra-competitive market, it is essential that your ecommerce website display your items in complete detail. As online shopping continues to grow, your customers have become accustomed to a certain level of quality in the configuration of online stores. They have high standards for their user experience. Viral trends and ephemeral styles, partly due to social media influencers, make it essential for fashion businesses to be on the level with superb, detailed product visuals.


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Display every angle and detail of your styles 

From styling to accessories, prêt-à-porter to haute couture, you can show each one of your products — shirts, blouses, dresses, socks, jackets and more — by using our intuitive product photo solutions. Create still photos, 3D, 360° animations and videos of the items in your collection. Displaying multiple views of your products, increases trust and improves the customer experience.

   Fashion product photography

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Features & benefits for photographing fashion products 
  • Place your fashion accessories or garments together in your photo studio and take a photo. Then use the Multiple Product Capture feature. This automatic feature permits you to take a single picture of multiple products and get individual photo of each item placed in your studio.


  • Product Measurement feature on the LuminaPad+ allow you to photograph your clothes and let your customers measure directly from the visuals the size of the photographed garments.


  • Easily shoot your fashion products on a pure white background or make a perfect and intuitive background removal. PackshotCreator software permits you automatically remove the background of your products photos and animations.  


  • Give realistic shadow to your clothes and fashion accessories with the Drop Shadow feature. Adjust later its length and opacity according to your wishes. Everything can be done straight from PackshotCreator software. No need to send your visuals to a third party program.

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Creativity with PackshotCreator: a testimonial from the Nina Ricci fashion house 

The PackshotCreator automated photo systems rise to every challenge of in-house clothing photography. The software features for shooting, retouching, and exporting images are designed to boost productivity and produce quality results while being extremely user friendly. They are ideally suited to internal communications in the fashion industry:

“I’ve already taken thousands of photographs with the PackshotCreator studio. It has allowed me to create an image database of all our products. This comprehensive collection of photographs is an invaluable resource for our company.”

Augustin de Montalivet, Marketing Director for Nina Ricci


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