Automated photo solutions for leather goods products photography solutions 

Suitcases, purses, handbags… The market for luggage and leather goods has increased significantly. Professional products photography is a crucial factor in fulfilling demanding customers, maintaining large changes in marketing approaches, and resisting intense competition. Display the unique characteristics of your products and offer customers the greatest possible amount of details: leather type, finishing, trimming and more.

PackshotAlto Mark II 360 Leather Goods products photography


Interactive visuals of leather goods for an optimal customer experience 

PackshotCreator‘s automated photo studios is modular, flexible, fully equipped and intuitive to use. It is designed specifically to meet the needs, norms and constraints of the leather goods industry. Operated by a super powerful software, our product photo solutions allows you to create still photos multiple angle, 3D and 360° animations. Show customers the craftsmanship of your products and stand out from competition.

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Features dedicated for photographing leather goods
  • Show with precision the textures (pigments, hides, tanning) and the craftsmanship of your leather products. Use the LiveLight and LightControl features to control the luminous flux on your photo studio and obtain the desired rendering on your products.


  • With the Hyperfocus feature, you can provide your customers with 100% clear images of all your products. This automatic focus staking, allows you to photograph your bags, backpacks, suitcases, wallets, and other on different levels and obtain exceptional sharpen results.


  • Combine a PackshotCreator photo studio and turntable to create 360° animations and videos of your luggage, bags, purses, and other leather good products. Thanks to the PackshotMulti Control feature, you can control multiple studios simultaneously from the same software.


  • Use the Video Sampling feature to create 360° animations of your leather goods in the fastest way possible. This potent feature lets you capture a 360° video of your product and then take out the number of images you desire to create an animation in HTML5 format.


  • After the shooting of your products, you have the possibility to save your visuals in multiple formats and resolution simultaneously. All it takes is one click!

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Time saved: a testimonial by Maro Bagages 

Professional product photography, particularly to combat counterfeiting and the grey market. The simplicity of photoshoots, and most of all the speed of post-production and integration, are all-essential in this ultra-dynamic market: new arrivals, new collections as well as second-hand items for sale through online platforms. PackshotCreator allows its users to combine all three of these advantages while having the flexibility to shoot different product types.

“We regularly use the PackshotSpin studio to photograph our suitcases and handbags. Thanks to this solution, we were able to save a great deal of time on photoshoots without having to worry about the size or weight of our items.”

- Yaël Magier, Senior Partner at Maro Bagages


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