Detailed images loaded with information 

In the face of intense competition and a culture of high visual standards, it is important to provide your customers with photographs that are packed with detailed information such as ingredients and warning labels. Then you can also use them as a product images database for suppliers. Our solutions make it easy to provide product specs in photos and animations: everything from the logo, manufacturing standards, directions for use, and origin of the item to its chemical or laboratory information. Consumers are learning to shop responsibly, giving an edge to manufacturers and distributors who are willing to put their cards on the table.

pharmaceutical & parapharmaceutical product photo studios by PackshotCreator
Show your pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical products in the best light environment 

PackshotCreator photo studios allow you to create professional still and multi angles photos as well as 360° animations of your pharma and parapharmaceutical inventory in just minutes. Our custom-made studios are equipped with advanced modular LED panels that are extremely durable and exceptionally reliable. They provide lighting environments that are equivalent to daylight. As a result, you obtain visuals with high fidelity rendering of colors and textures for all your medical products.

parapharmaceutical product photography on pure white background

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Essential features & its benefits for pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical products photos 
  • The LightControl feature permits you to adjust from 1 to 100%, area by area, the intensity of light on your photo studios. These settings can be memorized to save you the trouble of looking for the right lighting in photoshoots for different types of products: white, transparent, brilliant or matte.


  • Create 360° animations of your pharmaceutical products and choose the images you wish to give more precision. Add hotspots and allow customers to click on these spots and obtain important information about your product.


  • The HTML5 Profile features let you create customized animations profiles. This feature gives you several possibilities of customization. Add a magnification tool and let customers see closely information printed on the packaging of your medications and supplements.


  • Shoot multiple products together and get individual files for each item place in your photo studio. The Multi Product Capture feature lets you photograph different products at the same time and then automatically obtain a single picture of each items.

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The lighting befenits of PackshotCreator photo studios: a testimonial from an expert  

“The lighting in studios like the PackshotCreator R3 and Mini Mark II are designed to deal with challenges like reflections, transparency and minute differences in color. The variable intensity of multiple light sources which can be adjusted independently, combined with the software features for photo shoots, gives you the best possible visual results.”

- Michael Bakouch, photography instructor, PackshotCreator

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