Provide full detailed visuals of your sports products & accessories 

With an expanding online marketplace and an increase in retail websites, competition in the sporting goods market is growing, making the quality of your visuals essential to stand out from the competition. To help you boost your online sales and convert your visitors into buyers, give them 100% clear images of your products. Assure your customers of your products’ manufacturing quality, enhance your configurators and improve the user experience on your website.


Shooting sporting goods in standard, 360 & 3D views 

Our photo studios operated by PackshotCreator software, allow you to easily create still photos, multiple view shots, 360° and 3D animations of your sporting goods for ecommerce, catalogues and brochures, purchasing, R&D, or quality control. 

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Features dedicated for photographing sporting goods 
  • Control straight from your screen and visualize in real time the results of your visual production with LiveView feature. The LiveView allows you to see the results even before taking the picture.


  • Easily create hemispherical or spherical animations of your equipment for any sport (skiing / winter sports, equestrian, rollerblading, water sports, etc.) on a pure white or transparent background. Pre-program camera settings, choose the turntable rotation direction and select the number of images desired for the animation. After press record and the software immediately creates the animation in 3D format.


  • Photograph your sports equipment and products with our automatically background removal features (AutoPNG, AutoBKG, and AutoMask). Then, add colors or upload an image onto its background in order to interact your products into photomontages. You also have the possibility to add realistic drop shadow.


  • Make a more creativity animation than a classic 360° with Time Lapse feature. Position your product and select, via the interval, the time between two triggers of the camera.

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One of the key strengths of our product photography and animation equipment is the way it seamlessly fits into your workflow. Whether you are using one or several machines, every tool will mesh with your work environment to improve your productive and creative processes as Austrian e-commerce company Sport OKAY has found out. They use the PackshotCreator R3 combined with two PackshotSphere X5 systems for creating wide format 3D visuals:

“On top of the powerful and innovative nature of the automated 3D solutions, we were really impressed with the equipment’s working capacity. It has become extremely important for our company. There’s no doubt that it improves our productivity and our creativity, and gives us a fast return on our investment.”

- Konrad Plankensteiner, CEO of Sport OKAY


Check out what other useres have to say:

“We decided to invest in this solution in order to answer essentially budgetary constraints, without jeopardizing quality. This solution enables us, among other things, to control the cost of our product photo shoots”.

- Benoit Defois, director of ecommerce at Kappa


“With the PackshotCreator photo studio, the return on inverstment was rapidy achivieved. The studio was immediately adopted in-house and it has contributed in enhancing the communication process of Passion branded products. It enables us to product one quarter quality more, at zero cost”.

- Patrice Nairi, multimedia communications manager at Decathlon.


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