Photography solutions for tools & components

Become your own photograph for tools and industrial & mechanical parts. Our product photo solutions make image production an easy and intuitive process with professional quality results.


tools & components product photo and 360° animation studios


Create images that show every detail of your components

PackshotCreator photo studios, together with a super powerful software give you the possibility to create still and multiple angles views, as well as 360° and 3D animations of all your tools and components. Show your products in every angle and detail possible and give your customers the confidence to buy.

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Important features & its benefits for tools and components photography
  • Eliminate the common blur effect in macrophotography. Photograph toolboxes, mechanic parts, or any small component with the Hyperfocus feature and obtain results photos of your products with exceptional depth and texture. This automatic focus stacking takes several pictures of your products in different focus levels and automatically combine them to produce a photo of your product completely sharp and precise.


  • With the LightControl feature, manage and control reflections on items that are metallic, chrome-plated, or covered in reflective coatings. Thanks to the powerful LED lights that create a lighting temperature equal to daylight, you can create professional quality images of all your components.


  • You can photograph, for example, a series of tools all together and thanks to Multi Product Capture feature you can automatically get individual files of each tool.


  • Give customers the opportunity to interact with your 360° products animations. Add interactive parameters such as play/pause buttons, magnification tool, social media links, and much more. Besides being fully customized, your animations will be compatible with all reading formats (Android, Mac and PC).

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Animations and multi-view photographs let you show multiple facets of any technical part, which is perfect when you need to display every detail of a motor, its components and features: cylinders, air filters, bearings, carburetor, etc. An ecommerce website selling car parts needs to show as much information as possible for every product. Your images can then be added to a product database or used in your external communications:

“In ecommerce, visuals are among the most important purchasing criteria. That is why we feel it is crucial to provide our website visitors with images that show our auto parts as accurately as possible. By using 360° animation to provide more detail and information about our products, we have noticed not just a decrease in the rate of returns but also an increase in sales of available products, precisely the ones that are displayed in 360° views.”

- Julien Bertaud, Product Database Manager for Oscaro.


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